Our telecommunications industry solutions can help you deliver services that retain customer loyalty, harness the power of data to maximize the value of each customer, and transform operations to achieve business and service excellence. Whether you are a Telecom provider looking for company support for franchise locations or a cable television operator requiring collection services, RMS has the industry experience, expertise and knowledge for you.

RMS works with the major players in the industry whose job is to communicate: cable and satellite television, mobile phone providers, publishers, online services, and entertainment.

Telecommunications Industry Key Facts

  • Servicing the communications industry for more than 30 years
  • Multi-channel expertise in products, programs, contracts, and support
  • Provider to some of the world's largest telecommunications firms
  • Intelligence and analytics-based Customer Retention

From Telecom to Entertainment – We're Your Call Center Experts

With the increasing complexity of communications services in an ever more competitive market, customers expect an exceptional experience every time they reach out to their service provider. Without that experience, consumers feel free to look elsewhere for their services. The bar has been raised and brand loyalty can no longer be counted on just because you deliver a good product. You have to deliver more.

Customer Contact that Makes a Difference

Every contact is more than a response to a customer request – it is the opportunity to find out who your customer is and what makes him tick. When you really know your customer, you can anticipate exactly what new product or service he may want. This is the secret of exceptional telecom call center service and the only way to delight a communications customer.

The Customer Support Link

RMS associates serve as the crucial link between client and customer. Our associates are trained experts who enhance customer retention while providing exceptional telecom customer support. With high churn we emphasize extensive "skip-tracing" and multiple contacts including the power of our DunsDemand letters to gain attention. Besides, we’ve worked communications for over 30 years and, chances are, we already know your customers.

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