Manufacturing Services Key Facts

  • Currently service over 2,000 manufacturers
  • Top 10 manufacturing customers (each with +$10B in sales volume) do business in:
    • Electronic Controllers
    • Telecommunications Systems
    • Building Materials
    • Automotive
    • Photographic Equipment
    • Chemical Synthesis and Refinin

Manufacturing BPO Services that Optimize Your Working Capital

Manufacturing products in a flat economic world has become increasingly complex. Whether a contractor or supplier, manufacturers today operate in a "virtual enterprise" of global, interconnected players. As a result, strategies for agility and risk management are now a must. These strategies must empower the organization to quickly respond to change while meeting customer commitments, expose and manage receivables liabilities between various players, and ensure compliance.

With the ever-changing and often increasing costs of materials, labor, and overhead, it is critical for manufacturers to maintain their receivables so their cash flow remains fluid. While facing increasing competition from around the world, attention to the nuances and requirements of standard A/R functions can easily be missed, thus creating a significantly negative draw on your bottom line.

Manufacturers are very sensitive to their important relationship with their customers, due to the highly competitive nature of their business. Our ability to achieve excellent results while maintaining good customer relations, and protecting our client’s brand, is an important key in their decision to outsource.

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