Local Debt Collections

Recover Your Outstanding Accounts – Escalate pressure on your debtors

Whether you have a high volume of consumer debt or large commercial debt backed by RMS name, often gains the attention needed to get the debt paid. In most cases, we are able to collect your receivables more efficiently and tactfully to settle the accounts without hampering the customer relations.


Companies realize the following benefits:

  • Maximize recoveries and speed of collections
  • Reduce write off and generate better cash flow
  • Leverage the Power of RMS name & expertise
  • Treatment matrix driven by collection model and information
  • The reputation & 170 years of RMS experiences
  • Responsiveness to customer’s individual needs
  • Web-based technology for ease of access to account status
What We Do

Draw on RMS expertise to help you collect account faster & provide maximum recoveries within your collection cycle from order to cash. Our time proven collection techniques include:

  • Telephone calls by professional collectors in the RMS' name
  • Demand letters on RMS letterhead
  • Face to face collection
  • Commercial collection database help pinpoint potential collection problems before they happen
  • Reporting accounts placed for collection to the RMS collection information database
  • Referral to an independent attorney network specializing in collections

RMS Collection Model:

  • Treatment matrix driven by customer and claim profile
  • Tailor dialogue and follow up to risk profile
  • Customized trained in using industry terminology

Within RMS' unique organizational structure, collection activities are separated into a customer services and collection function. Every customer is assigned with a Customer Care Representative as a single point of contact. The Customer Care Representative is responsible for handling any operational issues, coordinating activity on accounts, maintaining communications and providing the customer with reporting. This allows our highly trained collectors to dedicate themselves solely to interfacing with debtor.

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