Bad Debt Recovery - Collection Letters

Legal Demand Letters

RMS' cost-effective demand letters are guaranteed to achieve your goals. Letters sent by RMS are often powerful enough to secure payment from your past-due in full accounts quickly and effectively. They can also help to avoid more expensive contingent collection efforts. Our solution set of debtor-demand services provides the opportunity to get your payment request paid by leveraging RMS' collection services.


Companies realize the following benefits:

  • Collect smaller past-due accounts while allowing your company's staff to focus on seriously past-due accounts
  • Accelerated payment of modestly past-due accounts
  • Confirm a debtor's intention to pay before initiating more aggressive collection
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and write-offs

What We Do

RMS' letter demands offer:

  • Tear-off remittance forms with your address and return envelopes to ensure payments are routed directly to you
  • Customized text, and mailing intervals for high volume situations and special needs
  • Automatic rollover to RMS' collection services for customers electing this option

RMS' demand letters are available as a series of two letters. Printed on our letterhead, they have a professional appearance and have been worded to maximize collection efforts. A typical DunsDemands letter is ideal for collecting smaller delinquent balances as well as modestly past-due accounts.

DunsDemand Plus!

With the combination of two Letters plus one Phone Call, the Duns Demand Plus! helps you to tackle your slow paying accounts with flexibility

All recovered payments will be sent to you directly at no extra charges or commission on top of the service fee.

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