Legal Collection Services

Attorney Collections Services

RMS allows you to move your collections through a logical, effective progression of requests and ultimately to select from non-litigation or pre-litigation letters/contact (warning of suit being filing). We contract and work directly with appropriate legal representation across the globe. Our experienced law firm networks provide a consistently high level of service with an emphasis on resolution and payment.

  • Law firm name and stationery escalates your demand for payment to a new level
  • Resolution and payment preferred in lieu of litigation
  • Full litigation services on accounts that warrant it

Increase Recoveries and Avoid Litigation Fees

After traditional collection efforts fail, Attorney Collection Services can help generate recoveries. Legal collection services often enable you to avoid, or reduce dramatically, the time and expense of local litigators and court costs.

Attorney Collections: Legal Collections without Legal Action

For accounts that do not qualify for litigation either because of the outstanding balance, circumstances, or customer policy, collections through the use of both legal collection letters and phone contacts made by an attorney's office can motivate debtors to resolve their outstanding issues. At RMS, we manage and execute these contacts, with the attorney clearly specifying who they are and why they are calling, but that do not threaten any legal action.

Litigation Management: Forwarding Accounts to Local Attorneys

When litigation is necessary, we utilize a network of law firms to file a lawsuit “Complaint” against a debtor for lack of payment. We manage and oversee this process on behalf of clients to ensure consistent and compliant case handling.

  • Attorney Collections provide proactive attorney collection letters and telephone demands as an escalation to 3rd Party efforts
  • Litigation Management includes the oversight by our legal process experts to assist in the management of accounts forwarded to attorneys
  • Attorney intervention with a cost that is typically lower than secondary placement fees
  • Seamless integration for escalated attorney intervention without additional steps
  • Save time and money with collections made without litigation
  • Consistent approach to attorney collections versus traditional forwarding to multiple attorneys in various debtor states
  • Attorney activities captured for tracking and peace of mind pertaining to collection actions

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