International Debt Recovery

The Fastest Way to Bring Your Past-Due Dollars Home

We have extensive experience collecting in every corner of the globe, providing you with one resource and the necessary expertise for cross-border collections. RMS maintains a worldwide network of collection offices and partners that can give you a physical presence in virtually every major global market. This network ensures your accounts are handled properly in line with local business practices.


Recover Funds Cross-border
Manage Receivables Globally
  1. Third party collection and outsourcing services, with coverage in 170 countries
  2. Local knowledge – services, language skills, expertise and attorneys
  3. Single contact, centralized reporting, management, and communication
  4. Seamless fund transfer
RMS Overcomes Barriers to International Collections:
  1. Language, customs, time zones
  2. Laws, proper forms and procedures
  3. Lack of local presence, understanding when disputes are exaggerated
Help minimize your risk – and protect your profits – as you expand globally

Expanding your business into global markets offers you a host of opportunities – and risks, particularly when it comes to recovering funds from past – due accounts in other countries. Many problems can occur: due to

  • Communication barriers
  • Laws that vary from country to country
  • Local laws and customs that determine business practices

Usually, how well you cope with these factors often spells the differences between a prompt collection or no collection at all.

Now you can manage your collections around the world as if they were around the corner!

RMS maintains a worldwide network of collection offices that can give you a physical presence in virtually every major global market. We can be where you can't, RMS can help you to get funds faster before it’s too late.

RMS worldwide network

Our name is well-respected and widely recognized, and we offer a full range of services that can be tailored to suit the size, age and urgency of your past due accounts. These services include:

  • Personalized collection including letter demands, phone contact by specialists operating from RMS office closest to your debtor.
  • Face to face collection visits for large accounts; such visits consistently produce results when other attempts have failed. The service is available in most countries where RMS does business.
  • Referral of special problem accounts to a global network of independent attorneys used by RMS.
The fastest way to bring your past-due dollars home

RMS' global collection services are just a phone call away. Upon receipt of your account, we will:

  • Search our extensive business information base, to help you to check whether or not your debtor is still in business or determine if other claims, suits or judgments are pending in our file.
  • Initiate collection action in the debtor’s country within 48 hours.
  • Provide you on an on-going basis with written status reports on our collection efforts and debtors responses.
In less time and with less trouble than collect it yourself

When your accounts are collected, we forward payments directly to you no later than 21 days upon receipt and clearance of checks by the RMS office closest to your debtor.

It will save time and trouble of re-depositing payments sent directly to you by debtors and waiting for funds to clear the international banking system – a process that can take weeks, even months.

With RMS global collection services, we take care of the financial logistics when payments are received and advance you the funds while we’re doing it. So you can get immediate use of cash, without the associated headaches. No other competitor can match the speed of our worldwide remittance service.

A network of professional attorneys in your debtor’s country directs further actions if needed

If litigation is required, we can serve as your intermediary to assist you and your attorney to resolve your account through every step of the way. This includes providing you with an up-front written estimate of what it will cost – and how long it will take to resolve. We will also send you status reports on litigation procedures as they occur.

With 90 days of receiving your account, we pledge to either:

  • Collect your account
  • Arrange a payment with the debtor
  • Determine that your account is uncollectible, or
  • Advise you on the practicality of filing suit and what it will take to proceed.
RMS' Global Receivable Management Services – where only the most experienced professional can do

Recovering past-due accounts in other countries is an intricate and time consuming process. That's why choosing RMS makes the most sense.

We know the legal nuances in other countries. The acceptable collection practices. The standard obstacles to debt recovery. And our global communications system helps you to keep up-to-date on what’s happening with your accounts. Thus, can get your money in a speedy way.

Undecided on how to proceed with a past-due account? Our global collection specialists will help you determine the course of action to take, using the best available information and our in-house expertises.

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