The Insurance industry is faced with a shifting business landscape: diversifying channels, varied distribution and a paradigm shift in demographics. Navigating the complex maze of providers and policies, claim processes and paperwork, terminology, codes, overpayments, grace periods, coverages and regulations requires dedicated teams with specialized knowledge.

Insurance Services Key Facts

  • Currently serving some of the world’s largest insurance carriers, brokers, and agents
  • 20-40% Cost savings on personnel and infrastructure
  • Up to a 45% improvement on receivables and overpayment recoveries
  • A well-established record of substantial quality and business process improvements on high volume transaction activities

BPO Insurance Services Provider

As carriers reinvent products as well as communication channels to better serve their customers, our Insurance specialists are helping some of the world's largest insurance companies develop holistic solutions that enhance the customer experience with key insights and innovations.

Contact Center Expertise and Experience

RMS has provided insurance collections services and insurance call center outsourcing to the Insurance industry since the 1920's. Our understanding of the wide variety of services, plans and agreements, industry knowledge, extensive network of customer service personnel, and proven service and recovery programs allows us to optimize every interaction. We can resolve disputes, assess intent to pay and walk your customers through the life cycle or terms of a policy, all while maintaining a good relationship with the client.

Receivable Management Services (HK), Ltd
RMS is now iQor