In-house Training Courses – Debt Collection & Credit Management

RMS Education Services can bring any one of our seminars listed below right to your organization. Everyone benefits – you, your co-workers, and employees learn from a program that delivers effective techniques, strategies and solutions to specific situations…as well as the team-building aspects of group training. Your company benefits because we bring the custom-made programs that you need to your choice of location, supplying the very best trainers and all the necessary seminar materials.

Overseas Collection:
  1. How to Effectively Collect Overseas Receivables
  2. Global Trends – International Collections & Debt Recovery
Local Hong Kong Collection:
  1. Develop your In-House Debt Collection Power - Collection Tools and Performance Metrics used
  2. Debt Collection and Asset Recovery Practices in Hong Kong: A True Collection Practitioner's Approach
  3. Collection Skills for Sales Professional
Telephone Collection
  1. Effective Telephone Collection Technique
  2. Advanced Telephone Collection Techniques
China Collection:
  1. Debt collection in China: Collection Process, Litigation & Arbitration
  2. Current Trends of Delinquency in Goods Sold Receivables on Mainland China Business
  3. Credit Control and Collection of Receivables in China Trading

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