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Executive Diploma – Asset Recovery Law, Receivable and Fraud Control Practice

We have partnered with The University of Hong Kong's School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE) pioneering an executive diploma program in “Asset-Recovery Law, Receivable and Fraud Control Practice” – first of its kind in Asia Pacific. The program has offered a premier learning opportunity for business executives to boost their legal knowledge and academic qualifications in risk management, with emphasis on debt-collection law and receivable management and financial regulatory compliance. The trading market is changing rapidly as a result of globalization, bringing complex issues in international trade disputes and receivable management. The program is designed to facilitate benchmarking and promote best practice at work.

Executive Diploma in Asset Recovery Law, Receivable and Fraud Control Practice

We are privileged to collaborate with the College of Humanities and Law, HKU SPACE. HKU SPACE, as an external arm of The University of Hong Kong, has for the past five decades been a pioneer in high quality continuing education.

You Will Benefit from the Programme

The course is the only one which provides expert and methodical teaching, with a focus on the practical legal skills and credit risk practice. Different modules are selectively chosen, which are highly relevant to executives and officers in legal, accounting, receivable management, credit risk, banking and government sectors.

Practical Sessions with Practice Clinics
This comprehensive eight-month part-time programme consists of 4 modules with 33 hours face-to-face teaching per module:-

Module 1: Asset Recovery Law and Anti-Fraud Investigations

Module 2: China Commercial Law: Liability Risk in Receivable

Module 3: Collection, Documentary Credits and International Trade Law Diagnosis

Module 4: Receivable Management and Financial Regulatory Compliance

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