What makes RMS different?

We create happy, more loyal customers. We solve business problems. We turn noise into insights—actionable intelligence that makes a difference. We help clients see the big picture, but treat each customer individually. We think locally, but operate globally.

We place a high value on the time each customer spends with us. We use data and intelligence to better serve the customer—to be faster, more knowledgeable, more responsive.

We help some of the best known brands in the world to meet business objectives, whether that is improving customer retention, maximizing the lifetime customer value, or optimizing working capital.

Our clients choose us because they care deeply about how their customers are treated and the service they receive. To them, the quality of service is a strategic advantage and their customers’ experience must represent, reinforce and protect their brand.

AR Recovery Technology – Streamlines Processes

Knowledge is Power

Operational Excellence

Professional Executive Training

Commercial Collection Records – Information is Power

Receivable Management Services (HK), Ltd
RMS is now iQor