Company Background

About iQor

iQor is a global provider of business process outsourcing and product support services with 32,000 employees in 17 countries. We partner with many of the world’s best-known brands to deliver aftermarket product and customer support solutions that span the consumer value chain, from customer care and receivables management to product diagnostics and repair services. Our award-winning technology, logistics and analytics platforms enable us to measure, monitor, and analyze brand interactions, improve business processes, and find operational efficiencies that lead to superior outcomes for our partners across the customer and product lifecycles. For more information, please visit at

About RMS

RMS, originally part of the Dun and Bradstreet Company, was founded over 170 years ago and is one of the oldest commercial service agencies in the United States. With its headquarters in Bethlehem, PA, RMS, much like its parent company, iQor, provides a full realm of Business Process Outsourcing services with a focus on enhancing the customer touch. RMS' Hong Kong subsidiary has been in operation for over 30 years. RMS is now iQor Commercial Services!

Receivable Results You Can Count On

RMS is the leading global supplier of receivable management services with over 170 years of experiences. We are committed to improving our customers' cash flow, increasing recoveries and reducing operational costs. We provide a full continuum of services including collection services, demand letters, outsourcing, invoicing solutions, electronic bill presentment, deduction management, bankruptcy services and collection training.

Whether you are a large corporation or a sole proprietorship, the use of the unique RMS collection information database, our experience and the cutting edge technology will help to impact your bottom line.

Feel Confident about Results with our Reputation for Leadership

No other agency comes close to RMS' length of service in commercial collections. In addition to our experience over 170 years in business, RMS has the reputation as:

  • An industry leader. RMS handles huge volume of commercial accounts, collects, huge total dollars amounts much more than our nearest competitor.
  • A global leader. Our global network is linked by the most sophisticated computer system of its kind to ensure speedy remittance and constant, on-line access to collection information.
  • A professional approach. We pursue recovery of your money aggressively while respecting your valuable customer relationship.
  • A financially secure resource. Because we are fully insured and bonded, there's no need to worry about having to collect from your own collection agency after debtor payments have been made.

Comprehensive Solutions

Reduce your dollars at risk

Waiting too long to place an account for collection can mean reduced cash flows, unbudgeted financing costs, higher bad debt loses and lower profitability. RMS offers a comprehensive approach to collecting your seriously delinquently accounts – no matter it is in Hong Kong or anywhere around the world.

When you partner with RMS, you'll receive a collections program that meets your unique recovery expectations and reporting requirements. Not only do our collection practices provide all the services you would expect, such as personal telephone contact by professional collectors and referral to a local independent attorney to the debtor, but we also provide the expertise and resources to achieve the kind of results you’re looking for.

With RMS' comprehensive approach on collections, you can:

  • Increase the productivity of your internal operations
  • Improve your rate of customer retention
  • Streamline your collection decision-making process
  • Speed up your cash flow
  • Minimize bad-debt write-offs

Personal Attention from An Industry Leader

Achieve top-notch performance

With over 170 years in the business, RMS can provide unequaled customer services support for your objectives. In fact, it’s our large-company resources combined with experience that enables us to provide close, personal attention to your company’s unique collection needs.

Because of our broad-based experience, we understand the special requirements with various industry groups. And thanks to our size, you can receive specialized services and collection routines to support your industry demands. You’ll also benefit from the experience we have in virtually every business-to-business market – the result of our diverse customer base.

With our sensitivity to your unique business and industry requirements, RMS associates work with you to develop a solution that’s just right for your particular customers accounts.

Extensive Capabilities

Access worldwide capabilities

RMS is one of the few commercial collection agencies with a worldwide network of offices, linked by one of the most sophisticated computer systems of its kind. The system ensures close proximity to your accounts and an understanding of local business conditions. Plus, it gives you continuous on-line access to collection status information.

For those cases where standard collection attempts fall short, we also have the ability to forward accounts on your behalf to an experienced attorney for legal action, all over the world. The network of independent law firms, managed and monitored by RMS, offers professional review, expertise and a local presence for maximum effectiveness.

When you collect global past-due debt through RMS, you will discover an unparalleled speed of remittance. By leveraging RMS' internal cash transfer system, we can collect your past-due debt and remit payment faster than you can do it yourself.

Leading – Edge Technology

Make collections faster and more efficient

Industry leadership means investing is being the very best. As part of that effort, RMS had pioneered to develop an automated approach to collections. Today, our sophisticated system capabilities include:

  • Proprietary reporting software makes it easier for you to track and analyze information on the collection of your accounts
  • Our huge computer capacity houses an extensive commercial collection’s information base found anywhere an enables us to deliver the collection information you need quickly and effectively
  • Collector PC system improves our ability to collections. They facilitate the management, control and implementation of collection activities
  • RMS proprietary collection-management software gives you immediate, time-saving access to the status of your accounts placed for collection. You can use it to process and control these accounts and to receive account status information at your finger tips.

Customized Information

The collection reporting in the way you want it

With RMS, you can receive information on the status of your collection accounts in a report format that's convenient for you:

  • Either summarized or in detailed form
  • Grouped by customer, month, quarter or your own specified category
  • Detailed comments on how collection efforts are proceeding and what the costs are
  • Information on all the accounts you place, according to the specific data elements you define
  • Delivered by fax, electronic or hard paper copy

Find out more TODAY

We’ll design a solution that's best for you

Because different customers have different needs, we provide flexible services that can meet unique requirements of individual companies.

When you are looking for receivable management solutions that can bring you increase performance and profitability, contact our RMS representative. Find out how we can meet your specialized needs and make a difference for your company.

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