China Debt Collections

RMS Hong Kong has over 30 years of experience and presence throughout the Greater China region, by partnering with attorney and agents, in collecting China debt accounts. RMS specializes in providing a full spectrum of services from 3rd party collection, pre-legal collection through to judgment and enforcement.

Full-time licensing staff including attorneys, paralegals and support personnel is maintained to continually ensure compliances with China laws and practices.

Recovering past-due accounts in China is an intricate and time consuming process. That's why choosing RMS makes the most sense......

We know......

  • The legal nuances.
  • The acceptable collection practices.
  • The standard obstacles to debt recovery.

And our communications system helps you to keep up-to-date on what’s happening with your accounts. Thus, can get your money in a speedy way.

Receivable Management Services (HK), Ltd
RMS is now iQor