Bankruptcy Recovery Services – US market

RMS provides for the proper filing of claims to maximize the recovery of debts from companies in bankruptcy, negotiates resolution of objection to claims, identifies and pursues opportunities for “special recoveries” defends against preference demands and other services related to creditors suffering from bankruptcy situations among their customers.

  • Recover dollars from bankrupt accounts
  • Reduce or eliminate preferences payment
  • Effectively and timely responses to court documents

RMS handles all the paperwork and response to motions for your bankruptcy cases. These accounts can often be overlooked when handled by internal resources or overcharged if outside legal counsel is deployed.

RMS also can assist in special situations such as preference demands, estates, critical vendor status, reclamation or as your representative on a creditor's committee.

The Expertise You Need

Save time and money with Bankruptcy Recovery Services from RMS

RMS Bankruptcy Recovery Services offers you cost-effective ways to protect yourself from bad debt – whether you have a lot of small claims or a few large claims. RMS Bankruptcy Recovery Services gives you access to experienced bankruptcy experts that can help you:

  1. Save money and time
  2. Maximize the efficiency of your bankruptcy recovery efforts
  3. Improve your recovery rate
  4. Avoid the paperwork hassle of recovering bankruptcies
  5. Avoid unknowingly shipping to bankrupt customers, and protect sales/shipments if you sell to debtors-in-possession

With Bankruptcy Recovery Services, RMS can file all your proofs of claims, monitor incoming court documents, and even be appointed to the creditor’s committee on your behalf (saving you time by attending weekly meetings that can extend over several years). By actively following your case and/or participating on the creditor's committee, RMS Bankruptcy Recovery Services can help you to recover the maximum amount as possible.

RMS' Bankruptcy Recovery Services offers a custom-designed program with various levels of service to fit your collection and recovery needs. From monitoring commercial bankruptcies files in US courts, to negotiate preference demands, to participate on a creditor's committee – RMS can helps you to protect your interests. And as a primarily contingent – fee based service, RMS Bankruptcy Recovery Services helps to tie costs directly to your bankruptcy recoveries.

How it works?

Proof of Claim Filing

RMS files proof of claim forms, monitors incoming court documents, and advises when key issues arise. u:

Claim Reconciliation

A dispute over a balance can be reconciled through a "net cash" approach, by working with the debtor and the existing statements of account.

Creditors' Committee Representation

For larger claims, RMS will seek to have representation on your behalf on the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors. Participation in this committee often provides opportunities to improve the recoveries in a Chapter 11 case.


For RMS' customers who sell goods to businesses that subsequently file for bankruptcy protection, "reclamation" is often overlooked as an opportunity for substantially enhanced recoveries, as the US debtor can either return the goods, provide immediate payment for them, or award priority claim status through a reorganization plan. We can protect your rights through reclamation.


If you are a creditor dealing with US bankruptcy, you may have received intimidating letters demanding repayment of monies previously paid by bankrupt US debtors. There are valid defenses that can offset this claim and exempt you from returning the payment. RMS will review, analyze and in many cases, reduce or eliminate the potential payment.

Executory Contracts and Prepayments

In cases where a US customer files for bankruptcy, there might be opportunities to notify the debtor of the ownership of leased equipment and enhance recovery through recognition and special recoveries available under executory contract provisions. Pre-payment for post-petition work might be available. Payment of pre-petition deficiencies is even possible.

Critical Vendor Status

In select cases where the product or service you provide might be critical to the future success of reorganization under Chapter 11, it is possible for you to be considered a critical vendor, resulting in enhanced treatment.

An Indispensable Early Warning

The best way to help to protect your interests in a bankruptcy is to file your claim immediately. If this action is delay, you may lose your chance of recovery.

Find out how RMS' Bankruptcy Recovery Services can recover your bad debts in US and take the hassle out of your collection efforts.

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