3rd Party Recovery

RMS provides the experience, the services, and the leverage to collect cash quickly on delinquent or written-off accounts.
  • Telephone Demands
    • Immediate and multiple contacts, experienced negotiations
  • DebtAlert Letters
    • RMS Collection Letters stand out and can include invoice details, provide convenient remittance with tear-off stub and return envelope
  • Credit File Reporting
    • RMS' ability to report debtor information to the credit agency commands attention
  • Dedicated Customer Care
    • Complete administrative work so collectors can focus on recovering your funds; your central contact providing services and reports
  • Industry Expertise
    • For a wide variety of industries, RMS associates are well trained in the terminology, regulation guidelines and common practices to make collections and interactions run smoothly
  • Licensing & Compliance
    • RMS monitors and adheres to all the regulatory requirement

RMS helps accelerate cash flow and optimize the working capital of hundreds of consumer and commercial clients by providing third party collections services on their behalf.

Local Debt Collections

International Debt Recovery

China Debt Collections

Receivable Management Services (HK), Ltd
RMS is now iQor