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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Behind the Scenes Working together to step up your productivity and lower your risk!

Partnering with the global leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), you could have both internal and external quality levels upgraded. Personalized services can include any single phase of the receivable management cycle - from original invoicing to collection of funds prior to placement for third-party collections. When servicing your accounts, we initiate contact in your name so that RMS involvement will be transparent.

RMS works alongside with you as an extension of your staff

Through Business Process Outsourcing, RMS works as an extension of your staff—whenever you need helps servicing your receivable assets, strengthening your customer relationships and improving the productivity of your staff.

Our personal approach allows Business Process Outsourcing to be the most flexible and effective program available. We provide you with the right mix of people and support you need at any stage of your cash management process, from original invoicing to the final collection of funds. This includes all customer services, communications and collection activities.

When servicing your accounts, we initiate contact with your client in your name. Customers have no knowledge of RMS involvement in the process. Our anonymity ensures your continued good standing with preferred clients, which can translate into higher satisfaction for them and additional future business for you.

Personal professional attention to your needs

How to achieve your Receivable Management objectives:
Communications + Teamwork = Goals Achieved

A RMS team will work with you to design a program that is right for your company. In this way, you are assured of receiving expert help from dedicated professionals, who will:

  1. Understand your objectives and let quantifiable goals for your program.
  2. Identify and establish a servicing strategy that best matches your needs.
  3. Structure workflow procedures and reporting guidelines between your group and ours.

We define objectives up-front, and measure our progress so we're sure you're satisfied. Business Process Outsourcing Services can help you to:

  • Clear up backlogged correspondence and telephone communication with customers
  • Improve customer retention by placing a stronger focus on all or some of your most valued accounts
  • Speed up payment from selected accounts
  • Improve Days-Sales-Outstanding over norms for industry and company trends
  • Reduce bad debt write-offs
The Advantages of large company support:

The flexibility you need to cover fluctuating workloads

With Business Process Outsourcing Services, you have the advantage of large company resources personalized to your needs. This includes access to our unique combination of industry expertise, highest professional standards, and state-of-the-art systems support.

You can choose the type and duration of service that best fits your circumstances. We can step in for a fixed amount of time, or make it possible for you to completely outsource your workload. RMS can:

  • Provide professionals trained in receivables routines and procedures
  • Manage a part of your operation during peak periods so that you can continue to function at the maximum efficiency
  • Handle routine and smaller accounts that typically bogs down your work flow
  • Administer our unique early intervention services for all of your accounts, leaving the follow-up to your staff
  • Work exclusively with your largest and most important clients, to provide effective and consistent customer services
Internal Processes and Procedures based on Tried-and-True experience and results

You can draw on the best-demonstrated practices for receivable management, fine-tuned over RMS' many years of service:

  • Personalized account management based on size, age and risk profile
  • An ongoing measurement of account volume and workloads
  • The right resources at the right time in the cash management cycle
Access to RMS' Technical Resources

You can leverage RMS' computer resources when your company lacks the technical support you need to operate efficiently. Our system is set up specifically to handle customer communications and processing of receivables. Off loading business to us enables you to get around internal constraints, offset the lack of your own management information systems, and eliminate mainframe investment costs.

RMS collection software also allows you to transmit account information electronically, gain instant access to the status of your accounts, and communicating by electronic mail with your account coordinator.

We can also automate your account submission through our concise electronic transmission program.

Fast, convenient services when you need extra help

Demands for higher level of performance and an increased workload can happen for a variety of reasons, some are temporary and some are recurring. We can team with you when:

  • You require additional resources because your business is seasonal
  • Your company’s sales are surging and it’s hard to keep up with new account volume
  • Your company is restructuring or has acquired another company , and you need to service a larger organization
  • Your department has been hit with cutbacks, and you must do more with less
  • You are temporarily understaffed, or your staff is inexperienced
A Portfolio of Services Across Your Entire Cash Management Cycle

- Portfolio Management and Specialized Receivable Services

RMS will work with you to create a personalized collection treatment plan that will initiate contact by telephone or mail with your past-due customers. Our experienced staff will address and resolve payment and dispute issues with your customer, provide them with needed documentation and escalate collection activities when required.

- Payment Profiling Service

RMS' account coordinators contact your customers as a follow-up to the sale, confirming the correctness of invoices, identifying service issues and reviewing payment policies and procedures. This will head off problems early in the collection process and insure that key customer issues are brought to your attention and resolved quickly. A typical results report would include:

  • Promises to Pay
  • Already Paid
  • Inability to Pay
  • Disputes
  • Documentation Requests

This service can helps to penetrate backlogged receivables, allow for quick collections and provide valuable information to your staff for resolution of payment issues and disputes.

- Notification Services

Correspondence is prepared and mailed out on your letterhead or telephone calls are made in your company's name when important information have to be communicated to customers. This can include:

  • Changes in remittance procedures
  • Product information
  • Final demand for payment
  • Discontinuation of a service
- Deductions Management

Receivable deductions taken by a business without prior approval can have a significant impact on a company's profit margin. Receivable Management Services' Comprehensive Deductions System can help you take control of your unauthorized deductions and chargebacks, increase recoveries and improve customer service while reducing the burden on your company's Accounts Receivable department.

- Credit Card Chargebacks

RMS offers comprehensive Credit Card Chargeback services. Companies with the highest need for these services often include retailers, internet sales and any business that uses credit cards for payment. Credit card chargeback processes are customized to meet a company's specific needs and policies.

- Cash Applications

RMS offers comprehensive Cash Application services. In Cash Applications, we apply customer remittances to open trade receivables. This is a critically important service for companies; which can forms a cornerstone of an efficient collections effort (it provides accurate books/aging representation of what debtors truly owe).

Let us prepare a proposal for you

Call us to discuss your situation. At your request, we will prepare a complimentary analysis based on your requirements at no cost to you.

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